Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My orange Laurel

... is finished!
Made with 70s sheets found on ebay, this Colette pattern is brilliant and falls really nicely for a 60s shift, and isnt boxy, thanks to the curve around the waist. I did have to take it in, my normal size 12 was way too big, which explains the extra seams across the chest to take some fabric in, but I love it!

 I used vintage collars that have been in my stash for ages, for obviously, the collar, but also as moon shaped pockets!

 While I was at it, I made a den for my minx with the rest of the sheets. Inviting, no?

I love orange and yellow at the moment, and am planning on making a yellow gingham dress soon.

Look at my lovely bum, scoliosis! A swayback is the sewing term and it usually  is a pain in the bum indeed to correct patterns for the exagerated shape of my derriere.  It wasnt a problem with this pattern but I still struggle with the insertion of invisible zips, it never looks seamless around the area where the zip disappears under the fabric.there is always a little bump there. If any of you know how to fix this, please tell.

 I do apologize about my dishevelled/tired face, this is the result of having a super active 5 year old, working long hours and trying to keep up with my sewing to-do list...

 (my 5 year old wants my tights, by the way! ha ha!)

 I only lined the dress at the top, which shows in these pictures, I will have to totally underline it with a light silk.
Conclusion: success! This is the dress I am most proud of so far, even though it isnt 100% perfect and I am planning in making it next in purple t shirt jersey with lacey Liberty piping around the bib.
Next project too: The Mathilde blouse in giant polka dot navy jersey.
Love and kisses, darlings


  1. oh yes you definitely can be proud of yourself of making that beautiful dress, first i love that fabric! it´s so cute and modish ;) and the collar and pockets are the icing on the cake. really a darling dress.
    and thank you soooo much for your lovely comment on my sailor dress, if you really would like to have a dress like there would be absolutely no problem to make it in your size, i would love to make it again.
    hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Your laurel looks fabulous on you, and the alterations make it fit perfectly! I love the lace collar and pockets :) shift + white tights + t-strap shoes is such a perfect 60s outfit, too.

  3. Thank you girls! It's such an easy pattern I ll be making lots of laurels in different fabrics, I have found my perfect one I think!
    I ll have to consider the offer marylou, sounds tempting...x

  4. Your sewing is wonderful - so many things and wonderful use of vintage fabrics. Of course, I love the den for your minx ;)