Sunday, 21 April 2013

Poem for a friend

 Hurray for best friends...
 Arty and eccentric best friends...
 with a wardrobe full of amazing dresses
and a pretty bedroom where we can improvise photoshoots

 before going out!
 she also loves anything 60s, this is Becky .

 she makes cute  fun jewellery
check out the owl bag, shes got the best accessories!

She's the best northern soul dancer around. So much energy.

I will be getting this ring from her soon:
Perfect. Friends like these make me happy.
My dress is from this great Etsy shop: Exile vintage
Love you  Beckyboo.


  1. You ladies look fabulous!
    Thank you for your lovely comment! X

  2. You guys are gorgeous. Photoshoots are 100 times more fun with a friend - no doubt about it. Especially arty eccentric ones!