Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Oh my deer

Beautiful animals are multiplying in my shop...deers, owls, fawns, you name it, they're all there...! Wall decor of Liberty fabric covered wood cuts are my new fun x

Friday, 3 January 2014

Le renard et le hibou

Still obssessed with these two creatures...

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Foxes everywhere

SALE in my new crochet shop! For a few days only my patterns, lace collars , creature brooches and new fox mittens are on sale at discounted prices. Guys I want my new shop to be a success and need a few customer reviews, so take a look, they make cute christmas presents.
(I shall replace all the shop mitten photos with better non ipod ones later today btw)
Also child sizes are available, and some wolf and owl mittens are coming soon...

 Fox mittens available in cream, blue and grey.

 In progress...

 Owl necklace, metallic cream and silver yarn for the chain

 Metallic silver and cream yarn fox pendant

 Polar bear christmas decoration

 Fox (also available without the bow) and ladybird brooches

 Multicolor wool acorn necklace

acorn, leaf, flower pendant  on antique chain
Tempted? xxx

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Shop update!

Darlings, I have gone Mod crochet mad again and I have been collecting original vintage patterns from this era. Such cool dresses and tops to be made in thin wool for the winter coming, I have started on this easy one:
Lovely or what?!
And this tunic below in black

 Now the red dress below will have to be made soon too, isnt it gorgeous?
ahhh the tights and the shoes with square heels......

Reproductions for all you hooked crocheters are ready to download in my Etsy shop! Just click on my shop icon on the top left of this page

I have also gone amigurumi mad, although the 2 creatures I seem to make the most are the owl and the fox. I have been making crocheted animal brooches and pendants and I am slowly putting them on sale in my shop too.

I have been collecting leaves , acorns and conkers lately like a 3 year old.  The weather has been unusually warm recently and it looks like autumn is inspiring me to make my own little creatures.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Aurevoir for now!

 I am taking a break from blogging...
This precious person below is the main reason why

I am still sewing a bit but with no blog pressure.
 and getting back into crochet,
and still keeping an eye on you arty girls blogs for inspiration and fun.
so tata for now

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My red heart

a new red dress.
from the Deer and doe Sureau pattern.
a bit like a doll's dress.
especially with the Hansel and Gretel print!
it used to be curtains in my little ones nursery.
now, its on me.

but with modifications: pleats instead of gathers on the skirt.
shorter sleeves.
a very difficult neckline, to be adjusted still.
I like the fit.
It doesnt add inches to my figure.

I can wear it with fancy tights or boring black leggings.
Well , remember, I am often cold.
Ok with heels.
Casual with my denim jacket.

Hey guys.
I think I will only post about once a month from now on.
This sewing addiction is quite time consuming you know?

And there is a cheeky 5 year old who is slowly but surely forgetting her French in my house.

I wont give up making my retro dresses and posting here, oh no!
I just want a bit more balance. and I really want my Boo to be bilingual.

Do you like my little red dress?