Thursday, 11 April 2013

Too many sewalongs?

When I am not sewing and  reading lovely blogs, I 'm a happy and busy mum.
Teaching to write and speak in English AND  in French is one of my favorite things.
So in paralell to that all encompassing activity, I fit in my beloved sewing projects: here the Miette skirt, Tilly pattern, where I am attempting to do stripy pockets in contrasting requires precision which isnt my thing at all. every night, I add a detail, sew a side seam, finish a hem.

This is the 70s vintage sheet that will be turned into a Laurel dress soon.... cant wait.

Sometimes I have to take breaks to help mixing magic potions with my minx:
And then people on the blogosphere come up with new challenges, like the Great Gatsby Challenge, or the Mad men challenge and I want to join them all!
Its tough being a creative mum. you feel guilty all the time if you dont use all your free time and energy at being a mum. At the same time, you are a better happier mum if you do things for yourself, creative things, so you have to learn to get everything to fit inside a day. Wouldnt change it for the world though.
How do you guys do it?
xxx Lo


  1. although I'm not a parent, I too am feeling the crunch of a million challenges: gatsby, mad men, laurel, and me made may at the moment! I'm trying to be more social with my blogging, so I want to participate, but I think I need to get more organized and plan my time more wisely if I want to be successful.

  2. I enjoy the social aspect too but get carried away and suddenly I'm wondering why I'm exhausted all the time! It's so addictive making stuff and then sometimes getting nice comments! X

  3. I agree! Sewing ideas are hard to turn off once you start, there are so many possibilities and so much amazing blog inspiration, it's a full time job just sorting out sewing lists! I dread the thought of having a child and then starting sewing for someone else again ha x