Sunday, 21 April 2013

My Miette

Here it is! yep, it is my own version and the bow has been replaced by 2 buttons.
The 2 wide pockets have also been replaced by a small square one. One reason is that I didnt have enough chambray fabric for this skirt who requires a lot of fabric, being a wrap skirt. Another one is that I felt a big bow added bulk and didnt work for me. I think I tried to take this skirt from the 70s to the 60s...
I chose a pinky red chambray  and used a pale lavender shirt fabric for the contrast.

 (if I look tired and hungover, thats because I was!)
(You can also blame the photographer husband for the slight wonkiness of the photos. hmmm)

 Pretty skirt? well I have a confession to make: I never wear high skirts, especially with my top tucked inside.
So why I hear you scream, did you chose to make a high waisted skirt? Well, I love Tilly's patterns. And I thought it would work better for me than what you see here.
So even though I love the fabric, contrast and buttons, I do not think the shape does much for me. ie it puts emphasis on my mid section: belly and derriere, area that my low waisted 60s skirts are so good at slimming...

 See what i mean?! I look like a flipping farmer's wife about to do some weeding there, on top of it!

 I should have made this skirt in a much darker color for added wearability and slimmingness.
  So whats a girl to do?

 Turn the pretty, demure, farmer's skirt into a cooler cuter shorter mini of course!
Yep thats much more me. I havent done the necessary transformations yet, just tucked everything under my top and red belt here but I would like to :
-lower the pocket
-place the 2 buttons on each side of the pocket as they are a cute detail in exactly the right color.
-turn the wraparound bulkiness into a cute a line mini, ie chop off some fabric around the waist.
Do I have to be sent to bloggers hell for daring to hack into a 'Tilly from the sewing Bee' pattern?!
Nah, she 'd agree with my stlylistic choices surely.
Viva les 60s, mes cheris!


  1. I like both versions of the skirt!

    1. thank you! I must admit I like the first version but would feel more comfortable wearing it once i have lost my 'winter cake tummy'. I am in 2 minds about shortening it now...mmm.

  2. Ooh I love what you've done with the buttons! The skirt looks less flared than the original design - did you take the side seams in? Hack away, I'd encourage it!

  3. yes it is less flared as well, I thought flare would emphasize le derriere even more! I can die and go to bloggers heaven now, I've had you agreeing with one of my little adjustments! yoohoo!

  4. Very cute! I love the colors you've chosen, and the shorter length really suits you!

  5. Cheers! I think I have the right frame for miniskirts, love my minis.

  6. I think the skirt looks great on you (unfolded). Top tucked in looks great too.