Monday, 1 April 2013

Sew for victory dress finished!

 Wooo woo! finally finished my 1940 s dress for the Sew for victory sewalong, and I am very pleased with it:
 It shoukld have been an easy enough job, but the pattern being sized for teenagers, i decided to add inches to the width at the waist and make the bodice longer, which turned out to be unnecessary. I had to undo the basting (I always baste pieces together first in case of mistake, then its easy to rip off and try again for a better fit) and take the bodice in 3 times at the front darts, all the way in the centre , take the darts in at the back, oh and the side seams too!
 I could still probably take it in for the skirt but it might lose a certain je ne sais quoi...that 1940s shape.

 My favorite details are the bows on each shoulder and the accent given by the navy gingham trim (with tiny red hearts, so cute!) at the pockets, sleeves, bows and neckline.

 The sleeves are gathered and the bows should be ties that would tie the sleeves in gathers through a hole at the shoulder  but it didnt look right, so i gathered the sleeves by hand and simply sewed my bows on top.
hum, does it make sense?!

 Check out my bows!(erm..dont notice the pin still stuck in it though)
(Tell you what ,1940s patterns seem to add   kilos to your figure as opposed to 60s ones, i do not (sadly) have a matron's bust like that!)

 Had to put my retro glasses on for added vintage touch.

 I present to you the cutest turban you ve ever seen, from a Ms Depew vintage pattern on Etsy!

Me as a 1940s housewife, ready to do me chores...

 Seriously I love that dress and can imagine wearing it this summer in France with bare legs and cute flat sandals.

 the most visible invisible zipper you have ever seen is above. I know, shame on me. had to rush it to meet the deadline, it shall be done again with a red one!
 bows bows bows! handstitched bias on the inside.
the back opening with a hidden stud behing that square of bias.
It was my first time joining a sewing challenge and i immensely enjoyed it, I think I'm addicted now! you can see all the other projects and some of them are AWESOME on the flicker group for Sew for Victory.
Nect projects include the Miette skirt by Tilly and the Laurel Colette pattern. yep told you I was addicted. xxx Lo


  1. That dress is too good for housework! Gorgeous. I love the detail of heart trim and the bows. I am big on basting too - but it doesn't seem to help me much. If there's a way to screw it up, I'll find it.

  2. Beautiful. The details are just perfect. Have you been watching the Great British Sewing Bee? xx

  3. Yes I d totally crumble under that kind of pressure! Plus I'd have no idea how to fit a dress on someone else than me!
    Melanie u might mess up ur basting but ur a pro in putting brill outfits together so who cares!
    Thank 4 ur nice comments girlies x

  4. As a fellow 60's fan, I agree that the 40s shape, while flattering for many, does NOT do well with my slim pear figure! Your dress looks very nice though! Love the bows :)

  5. Wow it is amazing that you made that! I love it though and the 50's house wife look is adorable!

  6. that is fabulous! you are so super cute, so glad to find your blog xxxxx

  7. Thank you , am chuffed you lovely bloggers like it!

  8. oh what a darling dress, i especially love those bows on the shoulders!! it fits you so well with the cute headband in your hair!! hey if i really come to liverpool i tell you before;)

  9. Amazing outfit! I love the dress:)