Monday, 25 March 2013

60s dress in progress: before tweaks

My darling dress is almost finished, and I can tell I am going to wear it to death when Spring finally arrives to England: it is so soft and comfy. The floral corduroy is laaaavely to wear.
I learned a lot with this pattern as it isnt the easiest one to sew: lots of curves and symetry, as both panels surrounding the central yoke have to perfectly match each other in size and shape. I did bang my head against a wall a few times and am still malking final adjustments.
I also realised the neckline needed to be open and seriously lowered so that will be my task today: I always read patterns too quickly and made view A instead of  view B, ie the view that calls for a mao collar. 
Tweaks have already been numerous due to my weird body shape (!) , in no particular order: a round bum, a skinny back, a soft mummy-who-loves-cake-and-hates-exercise tummy, a small neck and narrow straight shoulders make for a lot of redrafting.
I also took the waist in a bit to give it a curvier silouette and to emphasize hips as the way the dress fell was a bit too straight for my taste: I like both ease and a bit of fit in a garment.
I am also about to enter another sewing contest: the Colette Laurel sewalong.
Well that only makes 3 projects in one go what with the 40s dress for Sew for Victory and the Mathilde blouse sewalong! A glutton for punishment, me? possibly!
xxx Love and smackers


  1. I can't wait to see this dress when you are satisfied with it because I already love it.

  2. I love the fabrics you chose. It'll look great when you've finished.

  3. Thank you, your encouragement is really motivating for me!

  4. Wow what a fabulous dress, great pattern and love the choice of fabrics, I would love to make something similar

  5. oh but how darling is this dress!!!! super cute! and so great styled with those electric blue tights and the floppy hat! you really know what looks good together!
    happy easter lovely!