Monday, 10 December 2012

60s pattern bliss

 Yummm. Can't wait to start on these babies...

 I Love dress 2 with its lovely collar and cuffs (what a surprise). Dress 3 is nice and casual with the cute detail on the side. and I would make dress 1 with a shorter hem and a lace ruffle.

 70s pattern for a change! such a cute dress in the middle and that short tunic top combo would look lovely in a floral liberty.

Anything with a yoke I love. Love the middle dress in red and stripes, very French. and dress 3 would be awesome in blue vichy and white ruffle, like on the picture, for summer...
Which one would Sylvie chose?


  1. Petit patron guêtres en ligne en anglais si tu veux, merci pour ton passage chez moi! Et bravo pour le top dentelle impressionnant!

  2. ah merci, jadore tes patrons, reste plus qua demander a ma Mila quel sorte de rose elle veut pour les guetres!