Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Refashion1: giant scarf into a dress

 I found a giant lightweight scarf in a charity shop in these brilliant psychedelic colors and decided to turn it into the Tessuti Gaby dress, and hey presto I wore it to death on holiday in the sun recently, its super comfortable and has just the right comfortable fit, yet is quite 60s.

 The back: I simply folded the giant square and made a seam in the middle of the back, as well as on the sides. I didnt have a lot of fabric to play with, and just enough to make tiny sleeves: I gathered them with elastic as there was a glitch in the way I printed the pattern and they were too puffy before gathering.
I put interfacing and pink bias around the collar as the fabric wasnt easy to play with and quite light.
Sorry about the light-less photos, the sun sets at 3.30pm in Northern England !

I love my new summer dress. I will probably make it in Liberty fabric or corduroy for the winter x


  1. I love it! Those colours are awesome and I love that you used up an old op-shopped thing to make a totally new, functional thing! Keep rockin'!
    PS when you link to articles in your blog, make sure you click on the header of the post you're linking to and use that as link rather than the URL of the blog itself. Otherwise, as you add posts it becomes more and more difficult for people to find the specific post you're referring to. Also, disqus instead of recaptchas please.

  2. ok boss! did try and put disqus on my blog, didnt seem to work, will have to try again as I hate those recaptchas thingies meself .
    thanks for the feedback on the dress too, am so happy it worked, the scarf only cost 4£!

  3. Woah! that's hot, I'd wear that in a heartbeat.


  4. thanx yes the crazy colors would suit you!