Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal fun and imperfect crochet

shhh its all happening on tv...
waving a Brit flag with aher princess crown, ha!
THE moment captured with the minx, a much lovelier princess, at the front....

yeahhh mummy's first crocheted dress fits!
Made with cotton crochet on size 6 hook and a floral vintage pillow. Patchwork ruffles at the hem. imperfect dress because the stitches are big and lose and would have been tighter with a smaller crochet hook. But I am impatient, so that 'll teach me to want speed over precision. Wont repeat that mistake on her next granny square dress, my current project.
Our little summer ritual: a pose in the garden in front of pretty flowers.

Crocheted circles below.
Another view of the vintage collar I will be selling on Etsy soon. I am also working on crocheted collars, experimenting with different patterns and learning about lace crochet at the moment.
A bientot!


  1. This is a beautiful little dress:) love the collar too!

  2. cette petite robe est somptueuse et ta puce est adorable
    quant au col, je ne suis jamais objective en terme de col claudine mais crois moi je le trouve superbe !

  3. merci mademoiselle Violette!