Sunday, 8 May 2011

lace obsession

This week I am... collecting images of vintage lacy collars for inspiration for my handmade ones, such as this one found at Fancy treehouse's ebay store.
....and saving images of fun designs for inspiration, to push myself to be bolder when designing dresses for my 3 year old. Using doilies and scraps of fabrics like below at allthingspretty on etsy...yes.

Treasures: my growing collection of vintage crochet patterns for collars, am very excited by these! Cant wait to start one of these gorgeous 60s beauties...

So pretty. Can I have her hair too?

Latest work in progress, crochet and fabric dress for the minx, to be worn over a t shirt or not depending on thr Great British Weather. (Erm...This dress will be ironed too at some point...)

Embellished dress. Vintage lacy collar, crocheted ribbon, stitched tulle, buttons, red ric rac.

First painting on canvas done with the minx. I put the canvas on a mat in the garden and let her squeeze the paint out and use paintbrushes as she wanted. Such a fun way to spend  our time together on a sunny afternoon, we both loved it.  Rather cool  result, dont you think? Handprints, glitter and bits of lace for texture. This is now proudly displayed on the landing and shall be kept forever!

Victorian rag doll in progress. Patchwork dress and giant bows, Liberty fabric for the shirt. She cant
wait for her second arm to grow.

Perfect capelet found on etsy below. Another one for the 'to be sewn one day' pile...
Hope these inspire you to make something with your hands too. A bientot!


  1. wow! i love this inspiration and think the green crochet trim with the floral print is the perfect design!

    I have to follow you now, looking forward to more projects and designs.

  2. Cool! Will have to make a crochet/sewn dress in adult size for myself soon...