Sunday, 24 April 2011

painting and posing

Decided to do some painting on a big canvas with Mila with the intention of using the result to decorate a corner of my house. She absolutely loved it and I kicked myself for not doing that before with her. The color palette was just pinks, orange, purple and cream wich she squeezed out of the tubes. then she couldnt resist doing a few hand prints and I added glittler and pva glue, when the glue dries it becomes shiny and transparent and traps chosen textures, in this case we used...what else...bits of lace.

Mila happy and peaceful! Shall show the result of our endeavours on canvas in my next post...
And now poor tired me striking a few poses to showcase firstly my vintage collar, sewn on a string of cream crochet. I have this project of selling detachable vintage collars on Etsy soon.

The collar on a black lace dress, contrast and soft indoor light working better I guess.
Counting the spiderwebs on the ceiling...
And below, more pictures soon of my Little Red Riding Hood shrug, crocheted in shell stitches without a pattern in a red sequined wool. The sequins dont show well here and the shrug would look better on a more casual oufit, on this black dress, it looks kind of spanish which isnt what we want!
Crocheted shrugs are another things I'd like to develop and sell on etsy soon too.
A bientot!

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