Saturday, 22 May 2010

I feel spoiled!

This week I received 2 dolls as part of my swaps, how great to open the packages and feel like its Christmas again! The first one is part of a goody bag from Felt Something Good in London, my very own blue One Eyed Mod doll which arrived with these surprises: a lavender doll who is going to live next to my pillow, a one eyed rabbit that Mila loves and a gorgeous sparkly card!

The One Eyed Mod doll is fantastic and very colorful as you can see with funny bendy legs and gorgeous fabrics, ribbons and lacey details.

The other doll I received is from Fabrica do Arcoiris in Portugal and it's my first Boy doll! He is Mr Nice and will provide some much needed male company for my collection of girly dolls, fairies and female ghosties! He is cool and understated and I really like him that way. So thank you Carla and Tracey, I feel spoiled and I love my new dolls! x

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