Sunday, 16 May 2010

a gingermelon doll

A lovely surprise in the mail this week as my second swap has arrived! A surprise doll from gingermelon, absolutely gorgeous with her embroidered eyes and mouth and best of all a Sarah Kay dress print! Brilliant because I used to collect Sarah Kay stickers as a child so what a nice coincidence. The attention to detail is amazing, she even has beautiful brown mary-jane shoes with the tiniest of button on the side. I didnt know what the doll would be like until I'd received it, we decided to surprise each other with all my swaps, so I'll be sending them my Emily or Helena dolls soon.

She even has embroidered panties!

I found her a nice spot next to a sailing boat and shells on a window sill so she can look into the garden and dream of future travels...

Thank you Shelly, I love my doll!


  1. You must have the most amazing doll collection.

  2. Hi there,

    I'm so glad you're happy with her and that she arrived safe and sound! She looks lovely sitting on the window sill.
    Best of luck with all your doll swaps and thanks for the suggestion, I really enjoyed making her for you!


  3. I have a lovely collection of dolls indeed! I am sending my swap dolls this week, its so great to send and receive surprises in the mail!