Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Simplicity 6594 and more Liebster fun

I have been sewing!
No kidding, and here is the evidence in a few slightly blurry ipod pictures, as I am planning to hopefully fix my faulty Nikon connection today and be able to use proper photographs again for this blog.
 A suspender skirt with a fab vintage checked cotton found in France in orange and teal.
I made the braces but decided not to sew them on as I felt they really didnt suit me and looked rather rideeeeeyculous on me! Too bad, but I love the 60sness of the skirt anyway.

EEeeek, noooo. I look Swiss! or something.

AAAh much better with my new old 60s Crimplene top found in a charity shop on top of the skirt, much more flattering!

Worn with cream lacy tights and my new nude cut out brogues.

a close up of that luuuuuverly 60s top and my silly mug...............aaaah those shoes.

And now for the rest of the questions Rehannon included as part of the Liebster award:
(I also have to nominate 11 people in my next post)

  1. Who would you get to play you in the story of your life?
  2. Career wise what would your plan B be
  3. Say you found yourself in a Quantum Leap type role, which enabled to jump to any event in history what would you choose?
  4. If you were coming on stage what would you choose as your walk on tune?
  5. In Grease what character would you most like to play?
  6. What skill would you most like to have?
  7. If you could make any outfit from a movie what would you choose?
  8. Do you have a recipe for something that never disappoints if so can I have it?
  9. Can you recommend a good book you've read?
  10. What's guaranteed to make you laugh?
  11. If you could choose another name what would you go for?
  1. Bilinda Butcher. Or someone equally weird and quiet.
  2. Child psychologist or seamstress or illustrator.
  3. I’d join the suffragettes! Or May 69 in Paris must have been kinda cool.
  4. Strange little girl, The Stranglers.
  5. the fun and embarrassing girl.
  6. to be comfortable in any social situation. Or to never be cold!
  7. That 60s dress in Moonrise kingdom that the main actress wears all the way through. Or any dress in Boardwalk Empire.
  8. My Lolo soup: 3 carrots, 2 tomatoes, 1 leek, 1 broccoli cut in big chunks, 1 chopped onion, 20mns in stock, hum yummy.
  9. The Time Travellers Wife.
  10. The Mighty Boosh.
  11. Violette. Luna. Marion. (sorry that’s 3!)
My answers make me sound like a socially awkward nerd but hey maybe thats what I am anyway. Embrace your inner nerd is my motto. Be a happy freak.
 ''What others point at, cultivate it because its the real you''
    is a French proverb I Love.
Below the adorable red fabric is going to be another retro Sureau dress my friends! I shall be working on it today and hopefully posting pics tomorrow as tuesday is my day off or SEWING DAY! YAY!
On the right is the beginning of a stripy cotton crochet t shirt for my holidays in sunny France in July.

Right, that red dress is not going to make itself, cheerios my lovelies. xxx


  1. Oh I love the Time Traveler's Wife, that book makes me cry every time. Your red knit top will be so chic! (it seems a little silly to use French words English has stolen, like chic, with someone who actually speaks french, mais ma française n'est pas trop bonne.)

  2. Thank u sweetie! Yes that red top will be very very french!

  3. Hey lady,

    Thanks for the heads up. Great answers and I completely agree with you on the Moonrise Kingdom dress. Plus how can you fail to love a film that has Bill Murray in it. Also that skirt is ace. I'm putting braces everywhere this year.


  4. oh i looove that skirt it looks so great with those straps! i need one like that in my life too;)