Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Liebster award fun

 Merci a Rehanon de MissDemeanour qui m'a choisi pour un Liebster blog award! A mon tour de choisir 11 blogeuses dans mon prochain article et repondre a ses 11 questions. Ci dessous ma jupe Miette du patron Tilly and the buttons.

Thank you to Rehanon from the lovely blog MissDemeanour which I have just discovered after she left me a comment saying she loved my blog and Miette skirt and nominated me for a Liebster award along with 10 other bloggers, yay!

The award involves answering 11 questions, giving 11 random facts about myself and nominating my own 11 fave bloggers.
So, I will start with my facts for this post :
(sorry not much time to myself this week! Answers to questions and my nominations next week)

11 random facts
1. I am a twin . My twin was born disabled .She is a sweetie and loves clothes and music like me!
2. I will turn 44 on the 10th of July.  I look and feel younger. I believe in star signs , I am a Cancerian, ie tough shell with a soft centre , and my family and home are very important to me.
3.I work from home which I love. Always hated working as a team in an office, me.
4. I am always cold! I suffer from anemia so that doesnt help! I keep cardigans and scarves in my bag just in case...what a granny!
5. I used to be very very shy but changed and seem confident when you meet me. However I still get attacks of shyness and social anxiety around certain people. I kinda have learned to hide these away but in my teenage years it was hell and didnt help with making friends and boyfriends. poor me, he.
6.I met Morrissey in a pub in London a few years ago. Asked for his autograph. I was shaking and couldnt really say much but didnt embarass myself. I love the Smiths!
7. The violin player from Pulp once chatted me up in a club in London. God that was embarrasing.
8.I am French and left Lille for London in 1995. always an anglophile, I did an english degree in france and was always obsessed with the idea of living in London. so at 25, I did it. Best thing I ever did.
9. I am a good dancer, give me a few glasses of wine, put some northern soul/indie pop on and i'll dance for hours.
10. I am rubish at tidying up and being organised.
11. I am very good at making soups, salads and risottos. Rubbish with cakes though.

There you go my lovelies, feel free to comment if you share some of my quirks! xxx


  1. Thaks for sharing! You really look young! I'm a Cancerian as well! but I'm not so sure about my though shell! My home and family are important too!

    1. Oops, I mean thanks and tough.

  2. Yay crabs are the best! I don't think I look tough either, it all goes soft pretty easily !

  3. Wow, you met Morrissey! I don't think I could bring myself to speak to him if I met him. I enjoyed reading your facts. I didn't realise you were 44 - you do look younger. I absolutely love the way you dress and that pink skirt is a beauty xx

  4. Thanks Lucy , hum by meeting the mozbster, I meant as he was about to leave, a girl asked for his autograph and I got up and asked as well! Before that I was hyperventilating in my chair, my friends were killing themselves looking at my face, bearing in mind our table was right NEXT to his! Eeeeeee!