Monday, 27 May 2013

From under a blanket

Peeping from my cave, a few little news...

Just finished a lovely Sureau dress by the French pattern company Deer and Doe. In beautiful purple and black COTTON of course ie not warm. Pictures coming soon when I decide to come out from under all those warm blankets and jumpers...A few examples of my favorite Sureau dresses on the blogosphere:
Made by joliebobines and magali

here by kathhhhhysews

There by Mathilde and Loune
Yes, its a simple casual dress with a little retro flavour.
Its got long sleeves and can be worn over (warm) tights and leggings, hurray!
(Question: Shall I emigrate to a warm country if the rain makes me so damn miserable? Will I not miss drinking tea all day and listening to the Smiths? or: Shall I make all my future 60s dresses in warm fabrics like wool, cord, jersey? I think I'll go for that option.)
Meanwhile I have made a lot of tunics and dresses in lovely thin not warm at all COTTON so I am getting into the art of layering clothes and underlining clothes so that I can wear those makes without having to stand next to a radiator all day.
a bientot...


  1. Hey there,

    I really enjyou reading your blog and I just love your button front Miette so I have given you the Liebster award. Please head over to my latest post for deets.

    Best wishes,

    Miss D


  2. Wow thank so much! That totally makes my day! New post from me answering your questions in a few hours x

  3. Ah you're so welcome chicken :) Glad it's made your day. Looking forward to reading your responses.