Thursday, 21 March 2013

Sew for Victory and a new haircut

This is the dress I will attempt to make, (probably view 2 with the bows, quelle surprise,) for the Sew for Victory challenge/sewalong at Lucky Lucille,  isnt it darling?
(The girl on the left seems to be about to say,  ''mmm, havent you put some weight on?'')
Now I am thinking fabrics and a vintage style fake patchworh style cloth could look quite cute. or vintagy checks. or gingham. cherries? ahhh decisions. Lets hope I can make it in time for the deadline which is the 1rst of April.
I am thinking of organising a sew 60s challenge myself, more coming soon...
Got a little trim today, like the cliche says I feel like a new woman...
 no makeup below

 plenty of rouge and noir here below thank you

Work in progress below too...

 denim and floral corduroy fabric

 and here I am again x


  1. I love your swingy, cool haircut and sense of style!

  2. oooh thanks Melanie! wish I was as brave as you in the style experimentation stakes but you are quite inspiring and i want to try and be bolder in my next little photoshoots!