Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Liberty Paisley/denim skirt preview

A few Ipod photos of my latest make: the Paisley or denim skirt with Liberty 60s paisley pockets.
Better photographs are coming soon taken with a Canon, a tripod, ect!
Now if the weather could improve as well as the light in Northern uk that would help us greatly too!
The liberty fabric used is called Burton and is totally 60s with its gorgeous navy, turquoise and electric blue paisley patterns.
I will probably tweak this design a bit before putting it on sale on Etsy: I would like it to be lower on the hips and in a thicker softer denim fabric, real comfy.
This skirt is very comfortable anyway, yet the denim fabric is quite thin ans slightly stiff, a skirt for spring as that kind of denim is light and will keep you cool.
 I wore it with electric blue tights found in H&m and a green Lodden liberty scalloped collar, done from a 60s pattern of course. Now I loooove scallops but they are damn hard to make, and this item isnt quite 100% perfect yet as you may notice: the end of the scallops are not exactly curved.
 but hey it was my first time, guys. dont throw stones at the scallops virgin! It will be on sale when it is PERFECT. Love and 60s kissing x Lo

(the side zipper isnt finished, which explains why the skirt looks a tad wonky. People: it is NOT wonky in real life!)


  1. I love this outfit. The details are perfect. I will be looking out for the finished products! x

  2. really really beautiful that paisley patterned details! i love it!