Tuesday, 5 February 2013

my first mini mini skirt...

Here is my first sewn mini skirt, made from a 60s vintage pattern shown  in my last post.

ma premiere mini jupe faite main, tres courte mais plutot innocente dans ce tissu non?
I love it!
It is quite short but hey being obsessed with all things 60s, I love a short skirt, and I think the pink and black floral print makes it kind of innocent looking, especially worn with flats.

 It is rather simple to make and I am planning on selling similar ones in Liberty fabric on my Etsy shop!
Once I am 100% happy with the finish, of course. I will probably make them in 3 lengths: micro, mini and above the knee.
What I learned:
-how to line a skirt
-how to sew a zipper with a proper zipper foot
-how to make darts work in shaping the skirt
what I must improve:
-invisible zippers should be invisible!
-lining shouldnt be sewn the wrong way around. ha ha!
-learn to seew straight and dont rush things or you end up with a 'beak' at the back. Ha.

assez simple a realiser, dapres un patron 60s, je compte en vendre en tissu Liberty sur mon shop Etsy! en 3 longueurs silvousplait: micro, mini et dessus du genou.

I am also working on this colorful psychedelic thing for Spring, yes, quite loud!, its not an easy print, I know how it verges on bad taste 70s but i love it! I can picture myself wearing it in the sun, over leggings or jeans or bare legs, sleeveless with cute matching sandals...in 6 months time. It's a lovely and soft japanese cotton lawn found on ebay.

Petit projet pour le printemps: robe en tissu et dapres patron japonais, au haut asymetrique. jadore les couleurs vives et psychedeliques!

I found the pattern in my beloved japanese 'I am pretty dresses' book:

where you dont get patterns, but measurements for you to cut your own fabric. which can be very very fiddly and time consuming actually! Especially when you are an over enthusiastic beginner like me...prone to rushing things.

 I am still perfecting the fit and cant wait to add dark pink flower-shape buttons to attach the side of the asymetric bodice.
 Which length skirt do you wear most ? Funny how skirts were so much shorter in the 60s and no one seemed to bat an eyelid.
Are you afraid of  bold patterns ?

Vous aussi vous osez, les mini jupes 60s?!


  1. Love that psychedelic fabric - it provides ,much-needed colour to the winter weather.

    Good luck with your projects!


  2. wow i love this psychedelic fabric to pieces darling, i can see you too with bare legs in that fabulous dress. strawberry fields forever;) really really cute, and also the skirt is so lovely!

  3. I love the skirt in the first pic. You have the perfect shape for the 60's style. I wish I was as talented as you when it comes to making my own stuff. I can't sew or crochet but I would love to learn xx

  4. Thanks girls! well Lucy, I am a good crochet teacher apparently so if you ever pop to Leaf on the right day, I'd be there to show you! one day maybe x