Sunday, 20 January 2013

sewing inspiration/a free pattern

I have decided to wait until I get my new camera before posting pics of my latest sewing projects, as my ipod doesnt do them any justice. Sad face :(.
For the time being, I am sewing lots of dresses and skirts and collecting Pinterest images of pretty dresses to inspire me and copy; when I have drafted that perfect personal  pattern that will fit me like a dream.
Oh dream pattern that I can one day adjust and tweak ad eternam...(pretty sure that isnt the right Latin expression, bah, you get my drift!)
so I like these...

Paul Ka

Cali vintage

Vintage Courreges

I still spend lots (too much) of time checking out all you fab girrlz and sewing pros like Marylou cinamon, kazz the spazz and Tilly and the buttons...
here is a free mod  pattern from Burda Style

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