Sunday, 9 September 2012

for the little one

The Boo girl wearing her latest handmade dress.

These 2 fabrics together look adorable and are perfect for a raglan sleeves peasant dress.
j'adore ces 2 tissus je n'aime pas pas repasser, vous avez remarquer?

My little fairy wearing the finished product. Sorry about the garden bin and greenhouse background,  you know how difficult it is to get a good picture of a  4 year old who never stands still, dont you?
Ma petite fee portant la robe terminee, decor de fond pas tres artistique, mais quand la Boo arrete de courir, je shoote!

Well done Boo, thats a good pose!


  1. Aw what a cutie! That is a lovely dress!

  2. greedy for color
    tournicote...a cloche pied/crochet blogs