Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Candy patchwork colors

Hello peeps! Lately I have been inspired by Fox's lane's retro patchwork sheets and little girl dresses to make my own duvet cover for the minx. Found some brilliant 70s fabrics on ebay and at a few car boot sales and as you can see a certain brown floral babric has made it into the duvet cover and a little skirt...

Fox's Lane creations above and below, dress from her shop at Everything but the thread:

Really enjoying making this framed flower crochet scarf below. Cant decide if I should keep it for myself or offer it as a birthday present to a lucky friend...
Still working on my sewing machine stitched art dress for an open Art competition, hopefully the dress will be chosen and hang in a gallery: that would be one of my goals in life achieved: to have one of my creations hanging in a gallery! The plastic will be dissolved in warm water once the stitching is finished and only the stitched words will remain within the dress: Mend Love Scrub Smile Poo Hug. What could it possibly be about?! Being a mum maybe?

My first granny squares for a blanket for the minx's bedroom, should look nice next to the 70s patchwork sheets...
One of my old Mooks t shirts, being transformed into a dress for the little one. Yes, its all about her at the moment!

The summer seems to be coming to us in the north of England, lets enjoy...Talk soon xxx


  1. Gorgeous work! Such beautiful pictures!

  2. Hi there!
    Love your framed crochet flowers,
    have just learned how to do the traditional squares:)
    Now I'm wondering if the "framed ones" are hard to make?

  3. Thanks! no they are not! they are really enjoyable to make and addictive. found the pattern in a crochet book, I can email you to you if you like x