Monday, 4 April 2011

Vintage Blogging

These cool chicks are a constant source of inspiration (and sometimes frustration! Envy!) and show me how to mix and match and be brave and different  with the way  I can dress:
'stayfancyfree' and yarnovermovement from Canada. Manages to make knitting super cool. Love that black knit collar.
Am currently working on crocheted lacy collars, my next big project for my etsy shop. Still early days but this is definitely an inspiration.
Mystery girl with great outfit and style below. Love the tights, boots, courtney love dress, bright yellow cardie and grungy hair.
Elizabeth from 'Delightfully Tacky'  romantic and cute. Must be the long wavy hair!
Anja 'Clever nettle'. A vintage seller with great thrifted outfits.
Tavi from 'the style rookie' below. She is 14 I think, and alarmingly articulate and intelligent, she gets invited to all the fashion shows and has a wicked sense of humour. mad outfits too as you can see, not the usual trendy tan colors/floral dresses seen on all the fashiony blogs! Which are lovely but sometimes seen too often.
Violette 'L'atelier d'une fee', a Frenchie in Paris, great seamstress and lovely outfits. fun!
What are your favorite vintage blogs?


  1. great vintage fashion blogger pics. this is making me want to head down to savers right now..

  2. Thanks Monica! Great if my choice of pics make you want to go shopping!

  3. Very inspiring. I love all the different blogs! Thanks :)

  4. Lovely selection of outfits, I love yellow cardigan girl and the crochet legs!