Wednesday, 30 March 2011

crochet and playdough

Latest ghost rag doll, sitting comfortably against my craft book of choice at the moment: how to make a 100 crochet flowers. Gave up crochet in favour of sewing a while ago but am strangely enjoying it again...

Love my mouse tea pot found for a few pennies in a charity shop on the left.

This is how childminders are supposed to present toys and activities to children: the kids should be able to help themselves and make their own choices throughout the day. Hence here we have playdough, craft papers, paint materials, dinosaurs, play food and crayons in their own little basket drawer. All this 'being organised' business is quite new to me. I love a slight mess in the house oh yes.

Crochet flowers I will sew flat together to make a dream shrug. well thats the idea anyway!

The minx on her 3rd birthday this month. Red marks courtesy of a flu that refused to go for months. I love the phase she is in right now: lots of imaginative play and pretending to be snow hite and asking me to be the handsome prince which means i have to wake her up with a kiss. And below what I found in the oven recently: playdough cakes , perfectly aligned and ready to be cooked. That put a smile on my face, he he!


  1. So very cute, sorry she has been sick and a late Happy Birthday to her. It is so very sweet and sentimental feeling when you find something like those cakes - set up just for mom to find and they put a lot of thought into it.