Monday, 22 March 2010

The polar ghost rabbit is almost done...

Almost finished, only a little stuffing and some ghostly fabrics for the underskirt and Mr Bunny Ghost will go all the way to Malaysia as part of a doll swap with evangelione. I cant wait to receive her lovely bunny girl. I have been very boldly asking some of my favorite artists to do swaps with me and I am awaiting their answers! I love the way it forces me to experiment an also communicate in a different way. I hope there will be many other swaps but here is my wish list for now:
helene de roubaix: collage swap
Alice: drawings swap
Becky Boo: red and pink collage swap
Kate of Nookriseknitsandbits: how about a polar bear swap? yours knit, mine in fabric
More to be added!

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