Thursday, 25 March 2010

Swapping rules!

Plenty of work coming my way! 4 talented doll makers and crafters are ready to do some doll swapping with me. They are: fabricaarcoiris, Kate at knitsandbits, gingermelon and ricebabies
I have asked for a Clocha doll like above from fabrica arcoiris, a polar bear from my friend kate against a flower fairy and a Bella style doll from gingermelon against a ghost doll of mine. Ricebabies still has to get back to me about her choice of doll. Better get to work now! So happy that my exams are finished and that ALL my spare time is going to be devoted to making dolls, clothes and new objects and creations for a while.
Rules of swapping are:
-Commission the other person to make a doll by giving them a word, theme or colour
-blog it and get feedback as we go along from the other person
-have fun, experiment with new ideas and get inspired!


  1. Lo, this is gorgeous! Love the photography too. Well done you.

    Kate x

  2. Amazing. I was just dropping in my flickr and saw the note you left.

    I would love to doll swap with you.


    You are very talented, I love your work.

  3. Hi Lo. I would love to do a swap with you! I really love to recent floral inspired dolls & paintings you've been doing, so would be over the moon with a garden themed fairy doll if poss. Although one of my aims in life is to have only original artwork on the walls in our house, so a painting would be equally appreciated if you'd prefer to do that instead. Surprise me! Kate x

  4. ok I will! I am obsessed with gardens and flowers at the moment so I cant wait to experiment with fabric or painted flowers!

  5. Hello, this is Carla, the Chocha Doll!
    Let me know wicth dolls you have available, when I have some of them ready, we exchange e-mails to get to know ready dolls. Best regards, carla. My e-mails: