Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My red heart

a new red dress.
from the Deer and doe Sureau pattern.
a bit like a doll's dress.
especially with the Hansel and Gretel print!
it used to be curtains in my little ones nursery.
now, its on me.

but with modifications: pleats instead of gathers on the skirt.
shorter sleeves.
a very difficult neckline, to be adjusted still.
I like the fit.
It doesnt add inches to my figure.

I can wear it with fancy tights or boring black leggings.
Well , remember, I am often cold.
Ok with heels.
Casual with my denim jacket.

Hey guys.
I think I will only post about once a month from now on.
This sewing addiction is quite time consuming you know?

And there is a cheeky 5 year old who is slowly but surely forgetting her French in my house.

I wont give up making my retro dresses and posting here, oh no!
I just want a bit more balance. and I really want my Boo to be bilingual.

Do you like my little red dress?


  1. Your new red dress looks great. I like it best with the blue tights!

  2. Thanks mimi so do I , I just can't wear electric blue tights everyday, what a shame!

  3. The dress looks great. I love that it was once a nursery curtain. Who says you can't wear electric blue tights all the time, hee hee x

  4. oh my gosh so much cuteness, that print is super adorable;) and it is red so i love it even more, i´m currently obsessed with red;) it looks so fabulous with those blue tights!

  5. What an adorable dress! I really love the fabric and the shape on you is great!

    Also, you entered by pattern giveaway on my blog, and won both the Pattern Practical 6262 and Simplicity 7126!
    You didn't leave an email, though, so if you can fire off an email to melodymae[at]me[dot]com with your address, I will send the patterns out as soon as possible!

  6. Woooo thanks girls ! Xxx