Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wool and Wine

After taking inspiration from these beauties and their old and modern versions of the beehive:

I decided to try my own. If your hair is bob-length like mine and not long enough to create a big beehive, this is how you can cheat!
I read somewhere that our mothers and grandmothers would put socks in their beehives to make them look bigger. Well I didnt use a sock. Oh no! an obsessive crocheter like me had to use...a small ball of black wool. So on one of those xmas holidays nights with merry girlfriends and wine around the house, this is what happened: BEFORE: meh, flat beehive:

AFTER! lovely fat beehive. yes, the ball of wool is hidden under my hair at the back.
It didnt show at all and the shape of my hair was keeping it in place underneath.

a kind of dare-I-say-it wonderbra for hair... Well dont we girls use make up, bras ect to help Mother nature a bit? why not wool?!

 Who would have guessed you could achieve 60s hair with a ball of wool? I ask you?

(yes thats a young and gorgeous Morrissey and his bike on my fridge behind me)

Hey we had fun! Thats what girlfriends and wine are for. Biggest fake beehive competition anyone? xx


  1. wow i love your beehive darling! you look fabulous!
    happy new year!

  2. Love this! Wish my hair was long enough to give it a try!