Sunday, 1 July 2012

been a busy bee

been embroidering this fellow...

Been crocheting this summer top  with nice expensive Rowan linen mix yarn...almost finished!
Presque fini! top en melange coton -lin Rowan, je suis dessus depuis 3 mois.

Been transformation a box room into a sewing room...yeah!
Operation transformation dune petite piece en mini studio de couture, jen revais, cest fait.

Been selecting fabrics to design a prairie skirt...
Projet de jupe dentelles style'prairie'

Been playing with my new ipod...

Been reading and buying crochet, art  and japanese sewing books...
Livres creatifs a la pelle, je ne peux pas resister...

Been spending too much money on ebay on vintage patterns...
je collectionne les vintage patterns...

Been finishing this crochet shrug
Mon rechauffe epaules presque fini

Been sewing this top from a japanese pattern
Patron japonais tout simple j'adore

and finally crocheted this dress from the purchased vintage pattern for my minx
Petite robe vintage crochet pour ma choupinette qui REFUSE de la porter! du chantage en perspective...


  1. vraiment sympa cette petite robe!

  2. merci! dommage que ma fille refuse de la porter pour l' petite diablesse!

  3. beautiful! I love the embroidery

  4. OMG that crochet top looks a real labour of love. My mum and gran both did crochet-I never learned. I do have hopes of getting a knitting machine one day though XD Thanks for adding me to your RSS list btw. Much appreciated.