Tuesday, 20 April 2010

embroidery on fabrics

A 'bib' necklace I made recently and some experiments of embroidery on felt shapes, clouds and teardrops which I am going to develop and turn into big cluster pieces to be worn as brooches. I am deep in my universe at the moment and slightly unresponsive to the 'real world' because new ideas for dolls and more constantly flood my crazy brain! Not enough hours in the day but I sure do try to make everything come alive. Lots of new dolls on the way which are evolving from my etsy ones, more detailed and less 'folky' I guess. Just finished Knitsandbits' Kate's fabric flower doll which comes out of a tiny fabric covered plant pot and looks super sweet. (I cant show it until I next see kate as I am keeping it a surprise! or should I?) Working on 2 ghost dolls with white grey mohair hair and grey crochet flowers, a cat with metallic purple whiskers, a 'Pierrot' doll, and a circus doll. And I also want to use natural elements such as conkers and pine cones and twigs as arms or put in tiny bags for my forest fairy dolls. Right, back to my sewing machine then, folks! x

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  1. Oh Lo. I'm so excited about my doll! It sounds amazing. Please do keep it a surprise, I would love to see it in the flesh (or should that be fabric) first!

    Now I feel doubly bad that I haven't had chance to start your bear yet. I have bought the wool and needles though, so just need to get another WIP out the way first. I promise it is next on my list.