Tuesday, 15 September 2009

A new dolly bag

My new bag, a first for me, made with thick blue grey canvas and blue lining. And it only cost me... £1! This was the cost of the curtain remnant I bought to make it, so I am becoming surprisingly good at saving the pennies. Little doll optional, it's just my daughter's favorite one... I will try and get a shot of me modelling it if the man of the house agrees. Smaller versions in black could make their way to my etsy shop soon.
Thank you for your recent lovely comments, they really send me on cloud nine and keep me motivated! x


  1. qué linda!!! is soo beautifull!!!!!!everything here,the bag,the dolls ,the photos...you are a big inspiration for us that follows you!!!!! a big kiss!!!

  2. I saw the photo of your daughter holding this little cute doll on your previous post.
    You know what? You made the most adorable living doll - your daughter!!!

  3. merci j'ai beaucoup aimé ton sac, bon travail et à bientôt et merci pour l' amitié