Tuesday, 4 August 2009

blue plaits

My 'blue' doll has grown her hair into plaits and had a petticoat and vintage lace sleeves added to her dress.Her eyes got bigger too. I have been a bit down lately as it seems Eliza the birthday doll from my previous post got lost or was stolen on her way to France. My friend hasnt received her and it was sent 2 months ago. So sad... I spent a lot of time and put a lot of 'love' into it. I plan to make a new one and deliver it by hand this time! Naughty postmen...


  1. que amorosas tus muñecas!!!!!!!!!

  2. chérie Laurence tes poupées sont adorables et très originaux.je suis très heureux de t'avoir trouvè, je suivrai dans ton travail.à bientôt

  3. Ohh,,, that's so sad and outrageous!